Wine Log Series – Luva Bella Fall Juice – 9-15-2011

Welcome to the second update of my Wine Log Series – Luva Bella Fall Juice. In the previous post I took the initial readings and started the fermentation. I let the wine ferment for 1 week, then I checked the readings again. The PA readings ranged from 0-6% and acidity was higher in all the wines. I racked the wine into 5 gallon carboys. The wine came in 6 gallon buckets, so I racked the remainder into 1 gallon glass jugs. I will use this wine to top up the 5 gallon carboys when I rack the wine later. I did something different with the Valpolicella, after racking 5 gallons into the carboy, I used the remaining gallon to start another wine. I will post that recipe soon.

One thing I do at each racking is taste the wine. I do this to see how the wine develops and to catch any potential problems early. I listed my impressions of the wine that I tasted below. These were the readings on 9-15-2011.

Burgundy – PA 2%, TA .50%. I taste currents and cherries.

Shiraz – PA 0%, TA .50%. I taste a hint of blackberry.

Valpolicella┬á – PA 0%, TA .50%. I taste a hint of currents

Viognier – PA 6%, TA .75%. This had a strong aroma of grapefruit and it tasted like peaches.

Since the acid readings rose on all of these wines, I am not going to add anything at this time. I will let the wine continue to ferment and clear. Until the next update,