Wine Log Series – Luva Bella Fall Juice – 10-19-11

Welcome to the  third post of my Wine Log Series. With this series, I am documenting how to make wine by recording my wine notes on this blog. If you missed part 1 and 2, you can find them here and here.  I racked the wine on 10/19/2011 and got an updated SG reading on all the wine,

Burgundy: SG .994 has a cherry flavour.

Shiraz: SG .990 has an alcohol flavour with a cranberry after-taste.

Valpolicella: SG .990 Taste like currants.

Viognier:  SG 1.025 Taste like peaches.

Since then all the wine has been bottled with the exception of the Viognier.  The Viognier is taking longer to ferment out and on 3/29/2012 clarifier was added to help it clear. On 4/08/2012 sulphite was added.  It has a sweet peach flavour.    This wine is sweet enough to be considered a dessert wine and will make a nice gift.  It should be bottled shortly.

The Valpolicella was the first to be bottled, on 2/2012.  It has a sweet cherry aroma and is a full body wine.  It is tangy on the back of you tongue has a cherry flavour with lite smoky undertones.  It needs some aging time in the bottle for it to hit it’s great potential.

The Burgundy and the Shiraz were bottled on 3/2012. These are my two favourites. The Burgundy has a blackberry aroma with a full body. It tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry. This turned out to be an excellent selection and one we will order again. The Shiraz has a tart cherry aroma with a medium body.  It has a nice blackberry flavour with a hint of cherry and a nice smoky after taste.

This concludes this series of the wine log. We will start a new series soon when we start the spring wine juice we have ordered.