We’re always talking about how to save money, well here is another way!!!  Print your own labels.  You can do anything from plain black to save on ink or fancy ones.  I received a scrapbook disk with my printer a few years back. It is called Scrapbooks Plus Workshop 2.0 from Ideasoft. You can find free scrapbook software on the Internet, I’ve never worked with them so I don’t know what they are like.   The only issue I have is printer related.  My printer, the cheapest one at the store, doesn’t feed the paper in straight no matter how tight the guide is, my labels always have a blank space down the right side.  For wine bottles I use Avery shipping labels 3 1/3″ X 4″ template 5164.  My program has the template number under the different types of labels, which makes it a little easier.  For beer bottles I use Avery 5395 name badges.  I have also used Avery 8160 address labels for the neck of the bottles.

I prefer to make my own labels because I can personalise them for gifts or just for fun.  I do a standard wine label for all the wines unless it is a gift.  I have done birthday label that suits the receiver’s personality and Christmas ones.  I seem to get more creative with the beer labels.  Beer names can be fun to design for.

The fun part is removing labels.  The Avery 5395 name badge label is the easiest to remove.  Where the 5164 label needs a little more patience.  Lets start with the easiest first.  I turn on the hot water and dissolve Oxy Clean into the water.  Then I carefully add the bottles into the water making sure each bottle fills up with solution.  Then I let them soak for about 10 minutes.  I take a bottle out and take a utility knife blade and slide it under the one edge of the label.  I loosen that edge from top to bottom.  Then I bring the blade back to the center and place my thumb on top of the label with razor blade on bottom and pull.  They come right off.  Some time you will find them floating in the water.  For the other label I do basically the same thing but sometimes the label just don’t completely come off.   Make sure there is still hot water inside the bottle.  This keeps the glue pliable.  Place the bottle just under the water and take your blade and scrape it back and forth across the glue rinsing your blade often.  This should get most if not all off.  For back up get a green scratch pad and wash off what remains.  Be careful with the razor blade, you don’t want to cut yourself.