Frozen Concentrate Wine

My next batch of wine is going to be a grape\cranberry mix made from Welches frozen juice concentrate. I have 4 cans of Welches frozen grape juice concentrate and 4 cans of Welches frozen cranberry juice concentrate. We got these from Giant Eagle, but any grocery store should have them. The key with using frozen concentrate is to read the ingredients. You want to make sure there are no preservatives. The grape juice ingredients include “Grape juice concentrate, Grape juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid”. That’s it, no preservatives. These 8 cans will make 5 gallons of wine.

I will add boiled water to these cans to make 4 gallons. I will add enough sugar to get my PA reading to 10-12%. I will then add enough water to bring this volume to 5 gallons if needed (The sugar will add a certain amount of volume to the must). I will then test acid and adjust as needed. I will also need to add yeast nutrient and campdom tablets before pitching yeast.

I will add this recipe to the recipe section for your convineance.