Dandelion wine

It’s that time of year where I grab a cup of coffee and go outside and drink it while picking dandelions.  Most people consider dandelions to be a weed, but I like to make wine out of them. I’m hoping to do two batches this year, which means I need to pick 2,000 dandelions.  I will be using this recipe.  Like all recipes, you can use it as a base and add your own flare, or follow it step by step. I plan on doing  ours as a sparkling wine (more on this later).  Every one gives Dandelion Wine rave reviews and is amazed that it was made out of a weed that most people hate to see in their yard.

I got enough flowers for one batch so far.  I plan on doing another batch next week.  All you need is just the head of the flower.  The easiest way to clean them is to pull the petals forward and cut at the base on the petals.  You want to make sure you cut off the all of the stem and leaves.


First, boil the water then remove from heat and add petals. Steep for 2hours. Then strain it into your bucket.  The best way to strain it is by using your colander, just make sure you sanitise it first.  Don’t worry when you see the color of the juice, it isn’t going to be a nice yellow as you might think. Its more like a dirty brown.

My reading were as followed: PA 7%, SG 1.076 and Acid Test .30% TA.  I added another pound of sugar, melting it on the stove in 4 cups of must.  I also added 8 tsp of Acid blend.  My final numbers were PA 10% Acid Test .50% TA.  I’m happy with the numbers so I’m going to leave them.  The next day I added Lavin EC-1118.

So get out there and get picking!!!