Frozen Concentrate Wine

My next batch of wine is going to be a grape\cranberry mix made from Welches frozen juice concentrate. I have 4 cans of Welches frozen grape juice concentrate and 4 cans of Welches frozen cranberry juice concentrate. We got these from Giant Eagle, but any grocery store should have them. The key with using frozen concentrate is to read the ingredients. You want to make sure there are no preservatives. The grape juice ingredients include “Grape juice concentrate, Grape juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid”. That’s it, no preservatives. These 8 cans will make 5 gallons of wine.

I will add boiled water to these cans to make 4 gallons. I will add enough sugar to get my PA reading to 10-12%. I will then add enough water to bring this volume to 5 gallons if needed (The sugar will add a certain amount of volume to the must). I will then test acid and adjust as needed. I will also need to add yeast nutrient and campdom tablets before pitching yeast.

I will add this recipe to the recipe section for your convineance.

Wine Class

Last night, October 25, I taught a fruit wine making class at the Porter House Brew Shop. We had a great time talking about how to make home made wine and tasting samples. One of my students brought in some Tomato Wine. It was far better than the Tomato Wine I made! I showed my students how to make an Apple Cider Wine. This is one of my favorites. I usually make a couple of batches every year. My father has his own fresh apples pressed into cider every year and I make a couple of batches of wine from his apple cider.

One thing I tell my students is that wine making is part art and part science. The science part is taking measurements and adjusting the must based on those measurements. The art part is not sweating the small stuff and just make the wine.

When you taste you must it should taste sweet. You should also be able to taste the acid in the must. As long as you kept everything sanitized, pitch your yeast and have a glass of wine. Relax and enjoy yourself. If it feels too much like work and not enough like fun, what is the point?

I really enjoy teaching these classes. They don´t feel like work, the feel like fun. If I could only make enough money teaching them to pay all my bills, I could quit my day job!

Enjoy a glass of wine!

Frugal Wine

So you want to make some wine on a budget? Well, you have to think outside of the box, the wine kit box that is… what I am talking about is making wine from fruit. You can use just about any fruit to make some wine. The key to saving money is not spend a lot on fruit. You can do that a couple of ways.

1. Grow your own.
2. Get someone to give you some fruit.
3. Buy dead ripe discounted fruit from the grocery store.

The first two, I think, are self explanatory so I will focus on the third.

If you check your local grocery store late at night or early in the morning, occasionally you can find fruit that they have discounted because it is so ripe it is ready to spoil. You can buy this fruit and freeze it for later. Of course you want to check for bad spots first and cut them out. The point is that it won’t take long to get 10 to 15 pounds of fruit to make a 5 gallon batch of wine. That’s 25 bottles of wine! If you spent $25 for fruit and other additives, that’s a cost of $1 a bottle! And this is for home made wine you can’t buy in a store!

Stay tuned and I’ll show you make you own fruit wine!

Welcome to Frugal Wine Making

Hello and welcome to my blog, Frugal Wine Making. This is my first post and I´d just like to introduce myself. My name is John Meyers and I have been making wine for 10 years. I teach wine making classes at the Porter House Brew Shop a couple of time a month. I started this blog to share what I know with you and to start a discussion on the best way to make wine on a budget. If you have a suggestion, please let me know in the comments. Enjoy!