2012 Chilean wine

Our Chilean wine juice is in, we got 2 Cabernet Sauvignon,  2 Merlot, and 2 Syrah.   These wines come with every thing added, the idea is to bring up to room temp. and stir.  We took reading at that time and discovered the acid was low on all.  We adjusted all wines until we were content.  Here are the reading before and after for the three wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon: SG. 1.096, Acid .25, PH 3.8 added 5tsp of Acid Blend.  .375 Acid,PH 3.8.  Added 5tsp Malic Acid.  .50 Acid PH 3.8

Merlot:  SG 1.092, Acid .25, PH 4.2.  Added 5tsp of Acid Blend. Acid .375, PH 4.0. Added 5tsp Malic Acid. Acid .45, PH 3.8

Syrah: SG. 1.092, Acid .25, PH 4.4. Added 5tsp of Acid Blend. Acid .375, PH 4.0. Added 5tsp Malic Acid. Acid .475, PH 3.8

When your Acid is low your PH is high.  The average PH for a Red wine is 3.3-3.5 for whites 2.9-3.9.   Our Acid is still a little low, but were going to let it ferment out this way.  As it ferments the acid will come up into range.  After about a week we racked them into 5 gallon carboys. These are suppose to be six gallon buckets but they always fill them up to almost the top.  So we end up with 6+ gallons of juice per bucket and since we only use 5 gallon carboys we put the left over juice in our 6 gallon carboy that we have for beer.  Were calling this a Bordeaux Blend. A typical Bordeaux Blend consist of three or more of these grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Frac, Malbec and Verdot.


We racked all of our Chilean wine and they are coming along nicely.  The Bordeaux we put into a 5 gallon carboy + 1 gallon carboy.  We will use the gallon one for topping off.  We also added sulphites to each one.  Next racking I’ll get an updated acid and PH reading.

3 thoughts on “2012 Chilean wine

  1. I had the same problem with all my Juice from Chile this year. Must have been the weather because the sugars and PH were fine (I did do SG, PH & TA adjustments). I didn’t get the high PH readings you got. Most of mine were 3.8 or lower.
    I picked up some Malbec Grapes yesterday and the PH was 3.34 but the TA was up at .50.
    I usually adjust with Tartaric and never thought of using the Blend or Malic Acid. Usually when I add the acids my PH goes down. So, I try to keep the PH around 3.4 and leave the acid alone. I will also try to add acid after fermentation if the numbers don’t get into a better range.

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